What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a certified dental specialist that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, development, and maintenance of healthy, functional teeth and implants. Dr. Raman Kohli's extensive training enables him to offer offer a wide range of periodontal treatments from non-surgical therapy such as scaling and root planing (in which the infected surface of the root is cleaned), or anti-microbial rinses and antibiotics, to many surgical treatments to treat patients with severe gum problems. Periodontists are also specially trained in the placement and repair of dental implants.

As specialists in building and preserving foundations, a periodontist is at the root of all things dental. A good foundation is essential to longterm success. Our care is intended to work with the primary care provider – your general dentist – to provide this solid foundation so that it is easier for he or she to confidently restore your function and your smile.


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