Initial Visit

A thorough periodontal examination is a critical activity. This initial visit allows us to arrive at a diagnosis – the type of disease you have – and determine the possible causes for your condition.

What does the appointment include?

  • An oral history of your symptoms
  • A medical history
  • A clinical examination
  • An examination of your X-ray films

This step-by-step approach helps us not only to develop a treatment plan but also to get an idea of how severe the disease is and how quickly it is worsening. All aspects of this initial visit are relevant if we are to deliver effective treatment.

This thorough evaluation will be followed by a discussion of our findings and recommendations for treatment. Treatment is not normally delivered at this initial visit because we want to make sure you have all the information you need, and that all of your questions have been answered prior to any therapy being provided. We also want you to have time to digest all that is discussed in case you have more questions or
concerns in regards to your condition or treatment plan. 

The office provides minimally invasive, evidence based procedures for therapeutic and surgical procedures related to Periodontology. Dr. Raman Kohli and his team of dental receptionists, assistants and hygienists are committed to offering superior, individualized treatment. Every patients circumstances are unique and as such your needs are unique; our goal is to provide the highest standard of personalized care with your safety and comfort in mind.


Have questions about the initial visit?